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MyLife Lifestyle App

Mylife adds real instant value to all kinds of living with very directed subscriptions. Our evolving network of providers offer special discounts to our committed school community and enable them to realise their causes with access to immediate funds. By downloading the MyLife Lifestyle app, clients get further access to the MyLife wealth creator platform free of charge and bring wealth home.
MyLife Lifestyle App

We Take Security Seriously

MyLife is cloud-hosted and has advanced capabilities to ensure the protection of personal data.

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Network Security

MyLife is hosted on Microsoft Azure infrastructure with redundancy, firewalls and intrusion/DDOS checks.

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Threat Protection

Advanced threat protection to detect harmful and malicious attempts and access.

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Access Management

Role-based access control, ensures only authorized MyLife staff operating within strict guidelines have access.

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Information Protection

Policies are configured to automatically protect sensitive data.

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Manage your Life online, anywhere, anytime. Cloud-based, simple to use, yet solid, function rich and secure. Online Life and Wellness management, Life collaboration application, with numerous value adding preconfigured solutions