THERE is a movement. A feeling. A vibe.

Let's celebrate Life today. I'm Alive!

South African citizens are indeed living in challenging times. HOPE is in high demand.

We have the opportunity to embrace renewed strength, build a stronger economy and send out a message to celebrate life with the CANSA I’m Alive! Movement.

The Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) is joining hands with Mylife Group Holdings, creating a revolutionary new fundraising project named I’m Alive!
which offers participating businesses and individuals in South Africa the opportunity to celebrate a stronger country and help to sustain CANSA’s care and support programmers.

You can make a pure donation of any amount, and make a difference in someone’s life

How your donation will help to fight cancer

South Africa,
our aim is to raise funds for CANSA
to help sustain their care and support programmes:


Get your value bundle and become part of the
CANSA I’m Alive! Movement:

Get the CANSA I’m Alive! voucher bundle
for only R200, support CANSA and get access to more than R10 000’s vouchers!

Business Owners!

The MyLife Lifestyle App is a new marketplace for your products or services,
get feet to your business and strengthen your brand at no cost,
while backing and supporting great causes in SA.