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Beef Production Herd Health

Beef Production – Herd Health – Setswana


Establish a sound health programme. Vaccines and medicines, with improved production practices including advanced techniques and devices will assist with the prevention of diseases and optimizing the efficiency of feed-to-meat conversion.

Pluimvee Biosekuriteit

Pluimvee Biosekuriteit


Biosekuriteit word gesien as een van die eerste verdedigingsmeganismes teen pluimvee siektes. Dit behels verskeie voorsorgmaatreëls om voëls te beskerm teen kontak met siekte draende bakterieë, die draers kan enige iets wees van mense tot ander diere, voeding en selfs plaasimplemente.


Undercover Farming


Undercover Farming is an agricultural technique in which thew crop is grown under covers, where it is protected from environmental factors such as rain, hail, wind, frost, and pests. Commercial tunnel farming is usually done on farms with greenhouses using electric lights and plastic coverings.




The seed plants play an integral role in all aspects of life on the planet, shaping the physical terrain, influencing the climate, and maintaining life as we know it. For millennia, human societies have depended on seed plants for nutrition and medicinal compounds.




The South African Futures Exchange (Safex) consists of two divisions; a financial markets division for trading of equity derivatives and an agricultural markets division (AMD) for trading of agricultural derivatives.

Urban Vegetable Gardens

Urban Vegetable Gardens


Urban horticulture is the cultivation of vegetables, fruits, aromatic plants or medicinal herbs, among other things, outside or in enclosed spaces on a domestic scale. This practice takes place in and around cities. Urban vegetable gardening is not that different from gardening anywhere else. Urban gardeners must take advantage of all available space.

Citrus Harvesting

Citrus Production: Harvesting


Harvesting citrus fruit is the critical step between producing good volumes of quality fruit, and packing those fruit in the packhouse. Picking teams have a big responsibility to maintain the quality of the fruit that has been produced and send it off to the packhouses in the best possible condition, with no injuries or bruises, as clean as possible, and with short, neatly clipped stems.

Citrus Production Packhouse Process Flow

Citrus Production: Packhouse Process Flow


Citrus packhouses are vital to producing citrus fruit that is marketable, healthy, and ready for transport. The packing process involves many different activities, from washing, de-greening, and treating fruit, to sorting, grading, labelling, wrapping, and packing. This means that there are a lot of people and machinery involved in the process, and there are many places where things can go wrong. Understanding the components, personnel, equipment, and machinery involved throughout the packing process is the first and most important step to owning, supervising, managing, or working in a packhouse efficiently and effectively.

Vleisbees Voeding

Vleisbees Produksie: Voeding


‘n Begrip van basiese voedingsvereistes is noodsaaklik aangesien behoorlike voeding van vleisbeeste noodsaaklik is vir volhoubare en suksesvolle produksie.

Vleisbees Kudde Gesondheid

Vleisbees Produksie: Kudde Gesondheid


Stel ‘n gesonde gesondheidsprogram op. Entstowwe en medisyne, met verbeterde produksiepraktyke, insluitend gevorderde tegnieke en toestelle, sal help met die voorkoming van siektes en die optimalisering van die doeltreffendheid van voer-na-vleis-omskakeling.