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Primary Health Care

Animal Production: Primary Health Care


Establish a sound health programme. Vaccines and medicines, with improved production practices including advanced techniques and devices, will assist with the prevention of diseases and optimising the efficiency of feed-to-meat conversion.

Boer Goat Production


Boer goats, for the most part, is a hardy species that require only basic necessities to survive. It was selectively bred for meat qualities and for the ability to survive by grazing on the veldt.

Beef Production Nutrition

Beef Production: Nutrition


An understanding of basic nutrition requirements is essential as proper nutrition of beef cattle is vital for sustainable and successful production.

Beef Production Herd Health

Beef Production: Herd Health


The livestock sector plays an important part in the agricultural economy. Educated, enthusiastic livestock owners who understand agribusiness and the related methods to reduce their risks, are key to sustainable livestock farming and will play a vital role in supporting and enhancing sustainable agriculture and food security.