Attention, I believe, is one of the most important aspects of employment. I bring my attitudes, abilities and actions into whichever space I go. After I’ve applied for a job, been accepted and appointed, it’s up to me to achieve the goals set and meet – or, better, exceed! – expectations.

By paying attention to what I am busy with helps me with this. Being attentive brings and keeps one in the moment. When in a meeting or receiving instructions one can enhance one’s attention by listening, making notes and asking questions should anything be unclear. This also saves time, because one does not have to later try to remember what was said.

When someone communicates with me and I pay attention, the person experiences me as interested, participating, and as having respect for him or her. This indirectly effects their attitude towards me.

Being attentive also helps me completing tasks at hand before I shift my attention to my next task or actions needing my attention.

Dr Gerhard Bothma is part of the MyLife Team


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