More than 70% of people in SA do not have a will – a basic document describing what happens to your earthly possessions when you perish.

Why would anyone ignore this important aspect of their lives? Is the question that they do not want to consider; the fact that we all die eventually? Are people financially illiterate and therefore uncomprehensive of the Financial life cycle in the capitalist world? Perhaps the fact that people live in severe debt or poverty and do not see the need for people to inherit the negative?  Perhaps the vast amount of debt most consumers live with closes their eyes to the inheritance they leave behind- one of more debt and possibly poverty. No person aims to leave an inheritance of lack.

Let us set aside for a moment the claim of financial illiteracy and say that most people expect their financial timeline to have a negative outcome- even more so – no outcome at all. In a country with an ever-increasing divide between rich and poor, it is certainly possible.  Don’t let corruption steal your hope and the expectance you have for a bright future.

If you would like to take control and start building a future for yourself or your family, start at the end chapter of your life, write your Will and enjoy the hope that it will bring, not only to yourself but to your family as well.

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Johan Olivier is the Managing Director of MyLife 


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