MyLife’s Health4All Affordable Medical Insurance

South African citizens are indeed living in challenging times.
Access to private healthcare is an integral component of you and your family’s
health and wellbeing. Private healthcare solutions, like medical schemes,
remain unaffordable for a large portion of South Africans.


Look after your family, no matter your budget.

Cost-effective healthcare cover for you and your family from R270 per month.

Get MyLife’s Health4All today!

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This is a unique opportunity for Corporate Businesses and Employer groups to
secure medical cover for their employees.

Get MyLife’s cost-effective Health4All

Medical cover for your employees

from R270 per month!

Why Health4All for Business?

  • • Reduce risk and absenteeism and improves productivity.

    • Your employees have access to a doctor and emergency medical services 24/7
    (Extensive day-to-day and major medical event benefits from a network of providers.)

    • MyLife’s Health4All is VATable and Employee Benefits is 100% Tax deductible.

    • We recon employee information mid-month to make sure you only pay a minimal fee for active employees.

    • Sign up 20 or more employees and get a complimentary wellness day from MyLife for your employees, rewarding your employees and giving you insight into their well-being.

    • Various other free benefits to reward your employees with the free My Wealth Creation in the @MyLife Platform.

    • Their loyalty and health increase and your productivity increase.

It is the right thing to do.

Who is MyLife ®

Imagine if you could deal with all the aspects of your life in a confident, balanced way.
Imagine if your social and emotional strength can give you the self-assurance and calmness of knowing what to do financially, from the most severe crisis to the achievement of a dream.
Imagine a world where parents and educators can give our youth the gift to live life to its fullest, backed by the financial skills to thrive as young adults.
This is MyLife’s big dream for South Africa. To create well-balanced MyLifers. Imagine where South Africa would be in the next decade if we could all join the MyLife movement today.


MyLife® is a unique digital platform with a strong South African footprint and a vision to create a better future for everyone in South Africa.
With MyLife® you can manage your personal growth, career and financial success with unique tools, guidance and e-learning solutions backed by world-class leaders in the industry.
MyLife® gives you a comprehensive view of personal financial calculators (payslip simulation, loan simulation, retirement simulation, vehicle cost and insurance simulation, and many more) and then link through to any number of predefined providers that can assist you with the relevant products and services. The MyLife® platform can be integrated with the S-Cubed Human Capital Management solution to create an extraordinary Employee Experience in the organisation as part of an Employee Wellness or Reward Programme.

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