Welcome to MyLife Career

The MyLife platform brought together a team of top thought

leaders, pioneers and influencers with the same purpose-

driven passion and vision.

A vision to create direction, evolving our Youth to their full

potential on all facets of their Career. A powerful journey to

Career Success. Together we will Ignite Tomorrow!

About MyLife Career

What do you think might happen if you decided to get out of your own way and start viewing yourself and your ability differently? Isn’t it time you stopped trying to fit into the mould that society has thrust upon you? Break free from the comparison culture and adopt the belief that YOU HAVE PURPOSE!

When you know who you are you unlock your moxie – the force of character and determination to pursue your goals. This will propel you into a new version of community that values collaboration, authenticity, growth and ultimately career success. Often we don’t fully chase our dreams because fear of failure shows up bigger than our moxie.

We wrestle with “cant’s” and “what if’s” and rationalize all the reasons why it’s best to stay in our comfort zones and pretend we’re ok with that. MyLife’s vision is to create direction and opportunity, evolving our youth to their full potential and purpose, in all facets of their Career. Together with like-minded, passionate Thought Leaders we invite you to join us on a powerful journey to Career Success.

Get up and start living your legacy!

Get on the MyLife Career journey and step into your Moxie.

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Career World of Work
MyLife in collaboration with
Dragonfly has a vision to take you on
a journey of self discovery, to reach
your full potential, to find your Moxie.
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App and redeem your FREE
online Career Starter Pack.
*T’s and C’s apply.
Online Training Skills
MyLife in collaboration with Yenza
Izinto, partners of Standard Bank
SA, FPD School of IT and PSS,
focuses on equipping our youth
with valuable digital skills and
experience to open doors for
opportunities in tech and beyond.
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App and redeem your FREE
YENZA IZINTO online IT course.
Financial Literacy for Kids
Imagine finishing high school and
already being in the habit of
budgeting, saving regularly and
spending wisely.
MyLife and MoneyTime for kids want
to make this possible for our kids in
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App and enter the draw to a Free
MoneyTime for Kids Program for
your School!
Whole-brain Happiness
The Neethling Brain Instruments
(NBI®) is a highly effective tool to
help you gain insight into your own,
your pupil’s and your employees’
thinking preferences. Your creative
and extraordinary potential can be
vastly increased.
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App and redeem your FREE KNI

Frequently Asked Questions

Why MyLife Career?

MyLife Career is all about meeting you where you’re at. Each of us has a different version of success as pertains to our careers, and its important we acknowledge our uniqueness in our pursuit for career fulfilment. Whether you’re entering the World of Work for the first time or you’re a seasoned executive looking to transition into a purpose-driven role, MyLife Career has the tools to support you.
We believe that every one of you deserves to find and engage in work that is meaningful and that provides a deep sense of purpose. This is not a one-time deal, but a journey, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

What makes us different from other service providers?

We believe in a holisitic approach. This is not just about job search. It’s about knowing who you are, knowing your values, knowing your passion, slowly moving towards identifying your purpose. Giving you the tools to succeed not just in job search, but in LIFE.

In what formats can we engage?

We engage in ALL formats – online, groups, schools, individuals, corporates and charities, with the focus on the Individual.