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MyLife believes that wealth can be created on so many levels of society.
One of the areas where we should create wealth and remove the inhibition of reluctance is within schools. Schools are the foundation builders of society. MyLife selected school fundraisers as a principal focus area, with sustainability as the main point of departure.
Schools need local businesses as one of the foremost supporters of school funding. We have created the MyLife Lifestyles app to bring participants to the school’s portal and let households benefit from these superb symbioses. MyLife Lifestyle app acts as a catalyst and creates a win-win for all.
Mylife brings real instant value for all kinds of living with very directed subscriptions, businesses that offer special discounts to the committed school community and, schools have access to immediate funds to realise a specific cause. By signing up in the MyLife app, clients get further access to the MyLife wealth creator platform free of charge and bring wealth home.

MyLife - Wealth for all


Check out the great benefits we offer


No Cost - Minimal Input

No cost and minimal involvement of staff and time in preparation or roll out of Fundraising and Value-Add to Sponsors, Businesses and the Community of your School.

Start Earning Immediately

We take care of the admin to make your fundraising projects quick and easy. The School will receive 50% of the subscription fees and MyLife collaborate with you to select the appropriate local and national businesses to align with your value system.

Value for All

No upfront fees or valuable time spend to achieve any of the preparation and final subscription before roll-out. Value for your Sponsors, Businesses and the Community of your School.

Long Term ROI

Multiple subscriptions and renewal of annual subscriptions ensure a sustained revenue stream for your School.

The Process

Seemless mobile application process



We compile a voucher package for each school to help them raise funds, in an exciting, risk-free way.

Value for All

The community and businesses in the school’s cirlce of incluence are involved.


Schools sell these voucher subscriptions and the purchaser gets a discount when redeeming the voucher. MyLife will pay 50% of the total subscription cost to the school where clients purchased subscriptions with the school as a cause.

Everyone Wins

Customers who buy these voucher subscriptions, save on their purchases and suppliers get exposure and new feet in their shops. It is a win-win situation for all.

Some of Our Partners

We partner Schools, Businesses and the Community

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How much will it cost the school upfront?

Nothing, the app is to the benefit of the school, and MyLife wants to help all schools.

When will the school receive their money?

We do a monthly payout with a reconciled statement of subscription purchases. Please refer to the Payment and Terms in the Beneficiary Agreement for further details.

For how long does the project run?

A subscription works on a year-to-year basis but, the school can keep the MyLife project alive for years to come. Subscribers can renew annually at a given time and, businesses can add or change vouchers instantly.

What involvement does the School have?

No admin is required; the school needs to sign the Beneficiary Agreement to accept the Terms and Conditions and actively market the project to ensure a successful fundraising project. Projects could include financial literacy programs or an irrigation system for the school. The school may nominate businesses in their area to partake in the program.

Can I give subscriptions away?

As a rule, we give a school a discount code to get free access to one subscription to reward their enthusiasm.

Do we earn income on the sale of other subscriptions?

Customers who have downloaded the app can purchase any available subscriptions. Should a customer purchase any other collection of vouchers such as a 4×4, camping or a newborn baby subscription and selects the school as the cause, the school will receive their share of the income.

Can I share a voucher with someone else?

Yes, you can share your voucher with anybody through social media platforms. Vouchers that require a 4-digit pin on redemption is not shareable. Some vouchers require the customer to complete a contact form and are not shareable either.

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