I get restless when people talk about their dreams. Maybe it’s because I see the word “dream” as something that, for most people, is out of range and unachievable. I love it when people tell me what their goals are and how they are going to achieve them. I love it when people ask me to help them achieve their goals because then I know they are putting their dreams into action. I believe we should pick our dreams up from the shelf, dust them off and put them to work.


How do we put a dream to work? Well, we start by understanding why we want to live that dream, why do we want to achieve that goal? Dreams and goals need to fit into the legacy we want to leave. Our dreams need to align with the legacy we are building. If our dreams are in alignment with our legacy, we can understand why we are so passionate about them. We now have a solid foundation to come up with a strategy to chase those dreams down. I call it: a dream in action.

I believe that our passion and purpose are imprinted in our DNA and it’s left there for us to discover during this wonderful journey called life. At some stage, we get to a point where we are so fed up with mediocrity in our lives that we will do almost anything to get away from it. We see our lives disappearing between the lives of the masses. We contribute to our mediocrity by keeping on accepting our lives as they are without attempting to build something unique. This is the place where you know you are a fraction of what you can be. This is the place where you know you are only scratching the surface of your potential and it is unacceptable.

This is a great place to be! At this point in your life, you have a choice to either step back into the safety of your comfort zone and be content with mediocrity, or decide to step forward into the unknown and find the life you always dreamed about. Both routes have huge implications for your life and your legacy. Whatever you decide, you need to live with the consequences.

To put your dream into action you need to understand what your passions, talents, hopes, strengths, and weaknesses are.

Eight questions to help you find your passion

  1. If money was not a factor, what would I do?
  2. What gives excites me and gives me energy?
  3. What are my talents and strengths?
  4. Can I live this dream as a hobby, a career or is this just a new way of living?
  5. What drains my energy and how much time do I spend doing it or being subjected to it?
  6. Was there something I dreamed about as a child that still excites me?
  7.  How can I use my strengths and talents to put my dream in action or get to my goals?
  8. Can I create something unique and relevant to my strengths and talents?

A dream in action is one of the building blocks of your legacy. The legacy that you want to leave behind to inspire people when you are not there anymore. It is also about the way we live our lives. Lives filled with courage, determination, creativity, and vision, define who we are. The pursuit of a Dream in Action is a lifelong journey, a journey filled with adventure, courage, and growth.

Four Questions to understand the legacy you want to leave behind: 

  1. What do the life I want, look like?
  2. What legacy do I want to leave behind?
  3. Which three words should describe my life?
  4. What do I want others to learn from my life?

A final thought: Now is the time to start hunting those dreams. Put a plan on paper. Do what you need to do to chase your dreams and goals. Leave your comfort zone behind. Get people to help you and keep you accountable so that you stay on track. Journey with people who will help you get to your goals and build a legacy.


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