Have you ever wondered why some people seem to get rich easily while others lead a life of financial struggle? The Rich Brain, Poor Brain program deals with the most significant contributor but most overlooked aspect of wealth creation: your brain and how you think about money. 

What Kind of Mindset Do You Have?

Often because of ‘poor brain’ parenting and education, children grow up believing that a rich brain life is just for a selected few. They start negating and disaffirming their natural traits like creativity, passion, courage, and energy and follow common and traditional pathways for which they are most rewarded. This type of parenting guides them to think and make choices that preserve rather than enhance and enrich. We know, and what our research has proven time after time, that children and adults of all ages and cultures do not lose their ability to make ‘rich brain’ choices – these choices can be learned and taught.


MyLife, in collaboration with The Kobus Neethling Institute, has the vision to create Wholebrain-Thinkers. The Rich Brain, Poor Brain, Wholebrain Program is now available as an online video program for the first time. This program is in many ways, a continuation of research on applied creativity by the speakers.

In this program, we look at rich and poor brain choices when it comes to our finances. The speakers identify the typical ‘poor brain’ choices within each dimension of the brain – these are the choices that shape and form our fixed mindset and beliefs. They then unpack these choices and illustrate how you can change this disabling habit of choosing ‘poor’ when you do have the ability to choose ‘rich’. We all have rich brain options, and the speakers unpack these clearly illustrated options.

This video program is presented by the internationally renowned creativity and whole brain leaders Kobus Neethling, Raché Rutherford and Award-Winning Financial Entrepreneur Wouter Snyman.

The Rich Brain, Poor Brain, Wholebrain Program is now available on the MyLife platform as an Online Video Program for the first time. 

Now Available as an online video program


Maybe you are rich, maybe poor, or have experienced being both at some point in your life. If you haven’t figured it out yet, being rich isn’t all about money. It’s about well-being, abundance, having time, success, and the right mindset. MyLife in collaboration with The Kobus Neethling Institute will assist you in addressing these critical aspects of your life.

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How we think affects absolutely everything we do. Did you know that your thinking preferences do not need to be a mystery? Thinking preferences can be accurately measured! You can use this insight to bolster your uniqueness and be a starting point for covering any areas where you may be working against yourself. The Neethling Brain Instruments are world-renowned profiling tools that test thinking preferences.

MyLife is a digital platform with a strong South African footprint. We aim to create WholebrainThinkers in all aspects of life – at home, at school, at work, and in the community. We strive to inspire every individual to learn, grow and gain insight into financial wellness at any age. MyLife creates a single view of all your benefits and financial products. Ignite your tomorrow with MyLife’s unique product offerings in partnership with expert thought leaders in the industry.

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