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It's time to Own Your Identity

  • An identity theft solution for individuals is coming. It's time for a better, safer way.
  • Own your Digital Identity.
  • Stop fraudsters in their tracks.

How can you prove that you are who you say you are, online (and stop fraudster from claiming to be you!)? Customers face a difficult challenge today.

With Secure Citizen, you can use your identity to conveniently access a service online and at the same time, make it hard for fraudsters to gain access to your identity for financial gain (identity theft).

Our fraud protection solution is coming soon. Be first in line.

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How we can protect you , for free

We’re making it hard for fraudsters and easy for citizens

Many cases of identity fraud could have been prevented had the individual been empowered with the know-how and tools to protect themselves. That’s our mission. To empower you with both knowledge, and tools. We’re doing it absolutely free because we believe that every individual has a right to protection from fraud.

Fraud protection

Secure your identity with My Fraud Vault - get Protective
Registration to thwart fraudster's credit applications, and
monitor your victim and fraudsters listings in one place.
Stay ahead of the game and protect your financial well-being.

Verify a stranger

Verify'em helps you stay safe when dating or buying and
selling in a marketplace. With our easy-to-use platform,
you can easily verify someone's identity with a simple selfie.
Stay secure and avoid fraudsters with Verify'em.

Claim your digital identity

Secure Citizen helps keep your online identity safe. You can
use your face, fingerprint, or voice as your password to
make shopping and other transactions online easier and
safer. It's like having a special key that only you can use.
Try it out and see how simple and secure online transactions can be!


Get alerted when a Secure Citizen powered business is
processing a credit application using your name. We
put the power in your hands!

Don't take a chance. Take control.

  • Register yourself as a Secure Citizen today.

Wanna know more?

  • Our FAQ section is ever growing. If we haven’t answered your question, feel free to reach out to us. We’re friendly and will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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Claim & register your Digital identity, for FREE!

As a Secure Citizen, your unique biometric information will be captured and validated against the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) database.

Your Digital Identity will now serve as a way of engaging with businesses and people, as well as preventing fraudsters from impersonating you. With biometrics, no one can pretend to be you, because you are the only you!

Secure Citizen for Individuals is free and available to all  South African citizens.

Identity theft & fraud protection.

When you sign up to Secure Citizen, you can be sure that when an application is made using your information, it is you and not a fraudster pretending to be you! This is how we make sure your digital life will be quick, painless and most of all secure!

Concerned that your personal information may have been compromised by a fraudster? Apply for Protective Registration with the Southern African Fraud Prevention Service (SAFPS) to protect your identity here.

Verify'em: Person-to-Person Verification

Ever wanted to look someone up and verify that they are who they say they are? Our new service Verify’em gives you the ability to safely verify the identity of an individual, using their facial biometrics (a selfie).

Whether you’ve met someone that seems ‘too good to be true,’ or you’d like to look up the identity of a marketplace buyer / seller, you can Verify’em!

Check your details at Home Affairs

Need to confirm your name change or marital status? Enrol as a Secure Citizen and tap into your vital Department of Home Affairs info without standing in a queue or listening to call centre on hold music. No other identity management solution offers this functionality.

Control who has access to your digital identity

Once you’ve claimed your identity, businesses using our platform will digitally request your permission in order to interact with you. You’ll have full control over what data you give them access to. As you’d expect, we’re fully POPIA-compliant. We’re honoured to act as the custodians of your data, but ownership will always rest with you.

Faster identity verification

Use your biometrics instead of complex passwords. We’re replacing the need to create and remember complex passwords. Now you can authenticate yourself with your face or your voice, something no one else can replicate.

Apply for credit quickly & easily

Once you register as a Secure Citizen, you won’t need to validate your identity every time you apply for credit with our partners.

Becoming a Secure Citizen is easy

1. Sign up

Registration is easy. Do it your way, across mobile
or desktop through secure citizen app.

Claim your identity

Once you've snapped a selfie, we'll verify your
identity at the department of Home Affairs

Freedom from fraud

Access fraud protection services for free. With
Secure Citizen, your biometric data becomes the
key to unlocking a world of fraud-free transactions
so you can live online without fear.

Fraud protection is here! Be the first in line to take advantage of the free service.

Co-owned by a Non Profit Organization

You can trust us

We’ve partnered with South Africa’s leading fraud prevention authority, the SAFPS – and this lets us offer consumer fraud prevention solutions for free.
Through  SAFPS, we’re able to offer Secure Citizens an extra layer of fraud protection through Protective Registration.
Like credit protection, Protective Registration is a free service offered to South African citizens by the SAFPS. You’ll be given a unique PR number and added to a database that is shared with a large group of South African companies who will take extra care to confirm your identity with any application e.g., credit applications, store accounts.
Any applicant using your name will need to provide your unique PR number to successfully process the application, giving you an added layer of protection.
Get and manage your Protective Registration seamlessly within the Secure Citizen App.

These brands trust us. you can too.

Now is the time

Protect your identity

  • Credit protection with Protective Registration
  • Verify Strangers
  • Alerts
  • View your details at Home Affairs

Forewarned is forearmed

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Secure Citizen is a world -class identity platform provider using multi modal biometrics to enable individuals and businesses to interact conveniently and safely.

Suspect your identity’s been stolen? Sign up to our waitlist to become a Secure Citizen and then apply for a Protective registration. It’s free!

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