This course will present knowledge and insight into the human thought patterns and models that have been developed and tested throughout the years. These same models helped businesses to prosper, and schools to succeed and allowed many individuals to experience joy in many areas of life. You can also apply these models to make that much-needed mind shift to get control over your weight, you’re eating habits and overall health.

Who Should Enrol

While it's true that many individuals are concerned about their weight and strive to live a healthy lifestyle, it's important to recognize that not everyone prioritizes weight or health in the same way. People have diverse perspectives, priorities, and circumstances that influence how they approach their well-being.

Course Content

This course covers the following:Hierdie kursus dek die volgende onderwerpe
  • Introduction
  • Factoids About Weight
  • Food as a Trigger
  • Brain Preferences
  • The Left Brain
    • L1 on Diet
    • L2 on Diet
  • The Right Brain
    • R1 on Diet
    • R2 on Diet
  • The Whole Brain in Action
  • The Habit-Changing Diary
  • Wrapping Up
  • Kos as 'n Sneller

Learning Outcomes

Losing weight or maintaining your goal weight is a lifelong battle for many people. This course will help you identify the essence of your weight problem. Your brain preferences dynamically influence your approach to diets. Without this knowledge, your chances of success are slim!