Beef Production Management
CATEGORY: Agriculture

Beef Production: Management

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview


Audio-visual methodology is aimed at supporting and empowering people involved in the field of agriculture to define, promote and take full ownership of their own development, as learning is a life-long process. Skills development is a key driver of socio-economic development. Mainstreaming of agricultural development efforts is crucial to ensure congruence and effective deployment of resources.

The livestock sector plays an important part in the agricultural economy. Educated, enthusiastic livestock owners who understand agribusiness and the related methods to reduce their risks, are key to sustainable livestock farming and will play a vital role in supporting and enhancing sustainable agriculture and food security. The implementation of a sound beef management system is essential for sustainable beef production.

Who Should Enrol

All people involved in the field of agriculture

Course Design

Online Video Series Supporting Agri Skills Development and Best Farming Practices

Course Content

  • Age determination
  • Age of your animals
  • Body Condition Scoring
  • Bull selection
  • Bull testing
  • Buying a bull 
  • Castration 1
  • Castration 2
  • Composition of the herd
  • Cow factors
  • Culling
  • Dehorning
  • Extensive vs Intensive farming
  • Fertility of bulls and cows
  • Handling facilities – the crush
  • Identification and branding
  • Identification
  • Marketing 1
  • Marketing 2
  • Marketing 3
  • Marketing 4
  • Non pregnant cows
  • Phenotype-based selection
  • Replacement heifers 1
  • Replacement heifers 2
  • Selecting a bull Physical Traits
  • Selecting a bull and cow
  • Selection
  • Weaner Production (Weaning Weight)
  • Weaner Production (Management Actions)
  • Weaner Production (Weaning of Calves)
  • Weaner Production (Weaning Index)
  • Weaner Production (Heifer and Bull Calves)
  • Weaning Mass 1 – Importance
  • Weaning Mass 2 – Contributing factors
  • Weaning of Calves

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