CATEGORY: Agriculture


Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview


Audio-visual methodology is aimed at supporting and empowering people involved in the field of agriculture to define, promote, and take full ownership of their own development, as learning is a life-long process.

Skills development is a key driver of socio-economic development. Mainstreaming of agricultural development efforts is crucial to ensure congruence and effective deployment of resources.

Benchmarking is when a business uses data to compare its activities to other companies. Most often, a business will create benchmarks to measure its performance against competitors or other companies engaged in similar activities.

Benchmarking in business is a way of comparing best industry practices against your organisation’s processes to identify performance gaps and achieve a competitive advantage. Benchmarking can be applied to any process, approach, function, or product in business.

Who Should Enrol

All people involved in the field of agriculture.

Course Design

A way to bolster agricultural production is to develop practical agricultural education systems. A powerful way of doing this is through the use of audio-visual modules which is a highly effective and tested methodology to approach, examine, and impart knowledge.

This is a comprehensive series of modules that follow a step-by-step process and can be used in group training or self-study – and are structured according to visual training guidelines. This implies defining most of the terminology used and where necessary, supporting the visual storyline with graphics and animation to enhance the learning process and ensure that sustainable knowledge is gained in the learning process.

These modules are designed to do precisely what they are meant to do – and that is to support skills development.

Course Content

  • This course covers the following topics:
  • Key Focus Areas
  • Performance Indicators 1
  • Performance Indicators 2
  • Performance Indicators 3
  • Solvency
  • Conclusion


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