LinkedIn for Beginners

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Course Overview


Become clear on:  

  • Who you are 
  • What your value add is 
  • Where you’re going 

And combine this into a succinct pitch that can be used in calls, in interviews, on your CV and LinkedIn and a variety of other applications.

Who Should Enrol 

Students, graduates, or school leavers who are entering the World of Work for the first time. 

Course Content 

  • Introduction to the Elevator Pitch 
  • The importance of a holistic job search
  • Completing the Way exercise 
  • Distilling your elevator pitch and headline 
  • The applications of your elevator pitch 

Course Highlights 

First impressions count – make yours a GREAT and MEMORABLE one!  

Learning Outcomes 

  • Learn what an elevator pitch is and the importance of it
  • Create your own elevator pitch
  • Create your headline
  • Use this in various communication applications 

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