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Course Overview

Many people choose a poor mindset instead of a mindset of abundance (=rich). This type of thinking keeps us captured in an ordinary, problem-thinking state. In this course we show the way to move to opportunity and possibility mindsets in order to grow your money and to change many aspects of your life. The course also offers practical steps to grow your wealth and change the way you think about money. On the other hand, your brain preferences impact all facets of your life – how you parent, sell, communicate – and certainly how you manage your finances. This course reveals how some of these preferences prompt rich brain and others poor brain decisions. The course offers the answer to success – a whole brain approach.

About This Course:

Session 1: Introduction to the concept Rich Brain (abundance thinking) and poor brain
Session 2: Attitude and your Wealth
Session 3: 5 Steps to Wealth
Session 4: Which part of the brain do you prefer?
Session 5: Rich Brain, Poor Brain: The Left Brain
Session 6: Rich Brain, Poor Brain: The Right Brain
Session 7: Success: The Whole-Brain in Action
Session 8: Wrapping up: The courage to change

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