The Recruitment System

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Course Overview


In order to succeed in any given system, it’s important we understand how that system works. The best way to think of this is the South African K53 driving system. In order to obtain a driver’s license, we need to conform to a particular style of driving. The same is true with the job search.

Who Should Enrol

Students, graduates or school leavers who are entering the World of Work for the first time.

Course Highlights

Insight into people and the technology involved in the recruitment process is a game-changer. Once we understand this, we show up differently in the job market, and ultimately ensure a better response.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how companies recruit and how Line Managers think
  • Gain insight into the 3 key stakeholders in the recruitment value chain
  • Understand the technology used in recruitment
  • Become better equipped to manage applications and conversations through this knowledge

Course Content

  • The recruitment system explained
  • Integration into a holistic job search strategy
  • How a typical Line Manager recruits
  • The stakeholders in the value chain
  • The technology
  • LinkedIn

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