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LinkedIn for Beginners


This online course will teach you how to create a profile. You will learn how to engage effectively with your network in order to access the hidden job market

Ace the Interview


You’ve been invited for an interview – CONGRATULATIONS! Now that you’ve secured the interview, it’s critical that you create an outstanding first impression. Here we start learning to understand both the psychology and the formulaic approach to typical interview questions.

Elevator Pitch


How we introduce ourselves often determines whether we get given more airtime. This online course will teach you how to make a powerful intro that has a variety of different applications in both job search and life in general.

Strategy for the Advertised Job Market


Only 2% of all applicants are statistically invited for an interview. This is a 7 part strategy for increasing those odds. This online course will teach you about the strategy to maximise every application and increase that 2% chance.



Many job seekers misunderstand the purpose of networking – this online course is designed to show you how to network effectively using a value-based approach.

World of Work


To find success in today’s modern job search economy, This Holistic Job Search program is designed specifically for graduates and school leavers entering the World of Work for the first time. 

The Recruitment System


Succeed in any system by understanding how it works. Think of SA’s K53 driving system. You will get your drivers licence when you conform to a particular driving style. The same goes for a job search.

Create a CV


When you embark on the world of work for the first time, you’ll need a CV, but how do you draw one up if you’ve got no experience?