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’n Roman oor die ontnugtering van die middeljare, die lewe se onweerswolke wat dikwels dreig, en oor bande tussen mense wat beskut.

Catch me a killer

Catch me a killer


‘Serial killers experience the power over life and death as omnipotence … When I interrogate a serial killer, I dive into the abyss of his soul.’

Made with Love

Made With Love


Xoliswa Ndoyiya, is known worldwide as Nelson Mandela’s personal chef. Mam Xoli worked for 22 years for Nelson Mandela and is still now Chef de Tournant at Sanctuary Mandela She shares the dishes that Tata loved most.


Extremisms in Africa Volume 3


Good Governance Africa undertook to focus its National Security Programme on a core phenomenon that actively seeks to disrupt, undermine and destroy peace, development, and security across Africa. This is the problem of extremisms in Africa – an increasing scourge.